Every homeowner understands the constant struggle of keeping their flooring looking clean and fresh. Wear and tear are often seen as an inevitable fact of life but with proper care and attention, it doesn’t have to be! Professional carpet cleaning services not only removes tough stains but also helps to protect your carpet fibres and repair them to their former glory.

DIY Just Doesn’t Cut It!

You may vacuum your floors and do your best to prevent spills and stains but you could do more for your flooring. Regular professional carpet cleanings allow you to replenish the dirty and worn fibers in your carpet and cleanse it of allergens. A DIY approach not only becomes costly but it often leads to serious long-term damage and even mold.

The money you think you’re saving by renting your own equipment may contribute to the premature aging of your carpets. Permanent fiber damage and darkened stains are just some of the common problems experienced with a DIY approach.

Let Horton Carpet Cleaning Handle It All!

Understandably, letting someone else take the reins when it comes to cleaning your home is never easy. On the other hand, knowing that your carpeting is in safe and experienced hands can lend you a peace of mind. Horton Carpet Cleaning services help your carpet retain its original condition for years to come with the help of specially trained technicians and the use of modern equipment.

Here is how the process works:

  1. A walk-through helps technicians understand the condition of your carpeting. They will make note of any tough spots, stains or damage that will need handling during the cleaning session. In some instances, there is a chance that damage is permanent, in which case, homeowners are notified.
  2. The square footage of the area in need of cleaning is measured for an accurate pricing estimate.
  3. Spots and stains are pre-treated to remove them. In certain instances, more than one application is required to help remedy the situation.
  4. A sprayed solution is left to soak into the carpet for optimum cleaning and as a final step, the Rotovac is used. It is free of any detergents or harsh chemicals using only hot water pressure to remove even the toughest grime.
  5. The cleaning wand is used throughout multiple locations in the home to speed up drying time.

Protecting Your Investment

One of the costlier investments you will make in your home is choosing to install carpets. Beautiful when first laid down, it is easily damaged and discoloured when exposed to constant foot traffic. The right carpet cleaners can help enhance the beauty of your flooring material while helping to ensure that your warranty is still valid. Most companies provide a comprehensive list of instructions that ensure your carpeting is still covered.

Landlords and homeowners looking to make a quick sale can also benefit from cleaning services. Protecting your investment and ensuring your property looks great years from now is as simple as getting in touch with Horton Carpet Cleaning!